Kia Automobile Company informs its visitors with details and facts about the vehicle company called Kia. The word Kia has a meaning that derives from Korean words, which is: "To arise to the world from Asia".

The history of Kia motors rejects back to the year 1944. This company is one of the oldest vehicle companies in South Korea. It was founded on June 9th of 1944 as a manufacturer of handmade bicycle parts and steel tubing. In the year 1951 this company began elaborating complete bicycles. By the year 1974 the company was already building motorcycles, trucks and cars. The first integrated automobile manufacture plant was called Sohari Plant and it was established on 1973. In 1986 the company had partnership with Ford. Due to the Asian financial crisis that occurred on 1997, this company had declared bankruptcy. Hyundai Motor had acquire half of the company's outbidding.

The headquarters of this automobile company are located in Seoul, South Korea. This company is known as the second largest manufacturer of automobiles in South Korea. This corporation has several affiliations which are the following: 1- Motors America, 2- Motors Corporation, 3- Motors Europe, 4- Defense. Kia Motors America known as KMA is the American marketing, distribution and sales arm of the headquarters corporation based in South Korea. The Kia dealerships in the United States are found in all states, which they offer a variety of car models, new and used cars, Kia accessories, Kia service of maintenance, etc.

The majority of the Kia facilities for design and manufacture of the automobiles are found in South Korea. There are also several facilities outside South Korea, which are located in the following countries: China, United States, Malaysia and Slovakia. The Kia Tigers is a baseball professional Korean team established in 1982. This team is a member of the Korean Baseball Organization and is owned by this automobile company. Here, at you will find all information about the automobile company called Kia.

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